Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision can be provided to applicants seeking their Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS) credential or those looking to obtain/ maintain their credentials as Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSACs).  Supervision frequency will vary depending on the credential and board requirements.  Please go to the NCSAPPB website for specific details about your license requirements.  

Supervision can be provided in person as well as virtually and is offered individually and in group settings.  In person clinical supervision sessions will be held in Clayton, NC.  

If you are interested in moving forward, contact me to schedule an initial consultation.  In this consultation we will discuss your credentialing goals, counseling orientation, learning styles, etc. to determine if we would be a good match.  

Supervision Rates

Initial consultation fee is waived.  

Supervision is provided at the following rates: 

        • Individual Supervision Sessions 60 minutes     $45
        • Group Supervision Sessions 60 minutes           $25